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John Listello


John Listello is a combat Marine. Bachelor of Science in Biology (human and molecular focus), Master of Science in Biology (genetics and human disease focus), Master’s in Business Administration. Post-Graduate studies in embryonic stem cell research for acute spinal cord injury at Washington University Medical School. Pre-clinical and clinical research scientist for over 20 years at Searle, Pharmacia, Pfizer, Sigma-Aldrich, LifeSci Diagnostics.

Some of John’s research focuses include: embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells for research models and clinical applications, functional genomics for drug discover, CNS pain drug R&D, CVMD Metabolic Syndrome drug R&D, Translational pharmacology for transition of pre-clinical R&D projects to clinical phase trials.

John spent nearly a year in the orthopedic trauma space with Synthes/Johnson & Johnson as an orthopedic trauma consultant working with orthopedic physicians in both level 1 trauma centers and community hospital settings. Built two companies in the clinical diagnostic and predictive assays laboratory testing space. Created programs helping laboratories with novel cutting-edge genetic analysis assays to become CLIA certified and in-network with insurance carriers through national hospital partnerships.

Established LifeSci Therapeutics who’s focus was helping patients get the medications they needed at costs they could afford. While helping small independent pharmacies remain profitable and patient focused. Started Immersion Health in 2018 to address both the need of pharmacy and diagnostic organizations to have well trained marketing persons employed under both OIG and CMS compliant programs.

Under John’s leadership and vision, Immersion Health now represents multiple different healthcare organizations across the U.S. and continues to attract both new talent and new clients who look to positively impact the quality and accessibility of health care. John is a Christ follower and a father to five kids.

Please email [email protected] or go to IH-Medical.com to contact John.